Velocity Collection

Velocity Collection

Velocity kolekcija uređaja za pripremu doručka dizajnirana je kao bi uštedjela vrijeme kuhanja i tostiranja tako da imate više vremena za bitne trenutke. Od matiranog nehrđajućeg čelika s kromiranim detaljima, ovaj asortiman ne samo da daje vrhunski dodir vašoj kuhinji, već ubrzava svakodnevne procese. Bilo da se radi o svježe skuhanoj kavi, brzoj kaši za doručak vašeg mališana ili brzinskoj kriški tosta - kolekcija za pripremu doručka Velocity uvijek je spremna kad ste vi spremni.

Velocity toster24140-56

Velocity aparat za kavu24050-56

Velocity kuhalo za vodu23940-70

Velocity blender s vrčem25710-56

Velocity Pro blender s vrčem25720-56

Velocity Kettle

Are you looking for a kettle that saves you time boiling, so you can spend more time on the things that matter? Then we’re here to introduce you to the Velocity Kettle, Our Fastest 2.4 kW Kettle. In a Brushed Stainless Steel with Polished Accents, this kettle not only adds a premium touch to your kitchen but speeds up daily processes.

Velocity Toaster

We know that mornings can be hectic and having time to fit in breakfast can sometimes feel impossible. That’s why the Velocity Toaster, in a Brushed Stainless Steel with Polished Accents, is designed to deliver you a speedy slice of toast that’s always ready when you are. 

Velocity Coffee Maker

Do you need a coffee to kick-start your morning but find yourself short on time? Then the Velocity Coffee Maker is here to take care of your coffee cravings, whilst still giving you plenty of time to enjoy your brew. Being our Fastest Standard Coffee Maker*, the Velocity Coffee Maker will turn hectic days right around and you’ll never have to rush your coffee again.

*Excluding thermal carafes and ECBC models

Velocity Jug Blender

Do you love making everything from smoothies and soups to dips and sauces? Then you’ll love the Velocity Blender. With a new Velocity Glass Jug Design and new 4-Tip Blade, you’ll never have to intervene to scrape, shake or sieve again. Achieve speedy results with up to 40% faster blending*, helping you to enjoy a powerful and professional blending performance so you have more time for the moments that matter.

*vs Desire Jug Blender

Velocity Pro Jug Blender

Do you love blending up a range of flavoursome recipes? Then you’ll love the Velocity Pro Blender. As Our Most Advanced Blender yet, you can whip up everything from frozen margaritas to homemade soups and enjoy a professional and powerful blending performance every time. The Advanced Blending Technology on this blender means that all of the work is done for you and you’ll never have to intervene to scrape, shake or sieve again.