For over 50 years Russell Hobbs has been providing kitchen appliances to millions of homes all over the world. With a number of industry firsts and a reputation for style and design, we have stuck to our heritage and values when looking to make life easier in the home and kitchen.

Since the launch of our first ever product way back in 1952, we have been synonymous with innovation and style. From kettles to coffee makers, toasters to food preparation and cookware, Russell Hobbs prides itself on understanding consumer needs, always striving to exceed expectations.

  • Aparati za kavu

    Coffee is more than just a drink - it symbolises a way of life, a love of life and a joy of living. With the right preparation the full flavour of the coffee bean can be experienced. Discover great tasting coffee with Russell Hobbs.

  • Kuhala za vodu

    Tender green leaves, full-bodied black tea or exotic jasmine petals: drinking tea is a gourmet experience. A drink, in which preparation alone provides a little break from the daily grind. Discover our range of kettles to suit every pocket and taste here.

  • Tosteri

    A lovely piece of golden brown toast is a treat for the senses. Enjoy that feeling of biting into a crunchy, fresh piece of toast, delighting the taste buds. Discover our fabulous range of toasters here.

  • Aparati za pripremu hrane

    Uređaji za pripremu hrane su neophodni za pripremanje jela iz temelja. Bilo da je to miksanje, tučenje, mućkanje, sjeckanje, rastapanje ili miješanje, Russell Hobbs ima niz proizvoda koji su napravljeni kako bi olakšali život.

  • Kuhanje & pečenje

    Naši uređaji za kuhanje su dizajnirani  i razvijeni imajući u vidu jednostavnost korištenja, praktičnost, sposobnost i uživanje; oni olakšavaju pripremu hrane, dok sam proces ujedno čine zabavnim, pružajući osjećaj postignuća nakon pripreme vašeg omiljenog jela.

  • Glačala za rublje

    We understand that any household task, including ironing, has its annoying little problems. So we asked you what annoys you the most and designed innovative and unique solutions to make ironing less of a chore.

  • Vakuumski čistač prozora

    Vacuum technology sucks excess water away from smooth surfaces such as windows, mirrors and tiles for a bright and streak free finish. 

  • Steam Mops krpe na paru

    Lagana i jednostavna za korištenje, ova krpa na paru je neophodna za rješavanje prljavštine s podova bez uporabe teških kemikalija.